My One Year Wedding Anniversary


First thing i would say thanks for Allah S.W.T that he bless me and my family, its really happy to me for this the day me and my wife has been one year marriage, and of course with my new member family Muhammad Zayyan Almair i hope you will be a good boy when you growth up son, i just take my family go to Cimory who the famous place in puncak in west java indonesia, this place have a great position in side of river so when night came it will be romantic. Im always praying to god that please give me a good healty because i know healty is basic foundation for all your activity as a human. And Im still pray to the best for all and what i do. Remember if you want to fly so higher you must make sure and keep balancing to serve your mother and your wife because its like wings on bird, when both of them pray for you, you will feel sometimes the condition or problem will be easy to solving, just be patient and god will show you the way,
1.keep fight
2.keep struggle
3.keep pray and the last
4.keep your spirit,
This four key to success, and remember you dont too much thinking and focus about the result, because its the authority of god scope. god will arrange the universe to make your dream be a real, so Keep calm and always positive thinking and you will feel the result


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