3 Years Old Zivara Jamming with Band

Yesterday when i was go to play some music in my brother studios, suddenly zivara the child who was 3 years old came and go into studios , she so happy and she want to sing a song like many kids, so i just tell her to singing happy birthday because the are a familiar song in child, so shes singing and very excited , we get jamming around 3 minute sometimes she stop sing because shy and forget the lyric but for me its oke and i can understand she still want to know what all this music instrument like, so they try my bass and try the drum , its so funny when he use drum stick and try to hit the snare and cymbal, the problem is her foot doesn’t touch the pedal so she still play around snare hi-hat and cymbal only, this kids maybe will found what she want and what she like, because with the music sometimes it can be build your self and build your personality , to be honest im so enjoy with this jamming because this cute and funny , she singing with a loud and full of spirit, when im play bass she curious so in the middle of song sometimes stop without ending


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