Don’t Judge Me Until You Know Me!!!

wpIn a non-AC trains that economy quite hot, A young executive, with elegant suits standing in there. Sesak2an with other passengers.

A moment later, he opened the tablets Android. Greater certainly than the general smartphone.

He indeed was no significant chat with donors. Chat about funds to help the victims of flooding.

All passengers turned to him or glance. What they mind?

A grandma thought, ‘That young man now, immediately showing off a little rich. Economic rise, pamer2an. ‘

A mother that, ‘My husband Mudah2an ga lame him. Tacky in Economy class is not commendable. ‘

A teenage girl thought, ‘Cool cool anyway, but ga deh same style. Why not ride air conditioning if you want to show off begituan? ‘

A businessman thought, ‘It looks like she just met’ rich ‘. Or can be inherited. if he felt bitter toil of life; Of course, it will not show off the goods in the economy class. Why not ride the AC anyway? ‘

A glance at the religious leaders, ‘If he studied religion, certainly not sesombong it, showing off!’

A high school student myself, ‘I know lo rich. But plis deh, lo no need to show off so Kalle ‘to the cave. Cave tuh ga need ell style. If emang want diakuin lo, lo be out of here, continues to ride the train air conditioning .. I feel ill. ‘

A homeless thought, ‘This guy is too arrogant, wanted to show off in front of the little people.’

The executive restore tablet in the bag. He thought, Thank God, finally the donors are willing to help. Thank God, this is good news at all. Then, he was a time to look at his pocket. There is a piece of economy-class train ticket.

He thought, ‘It could exchange the ticket with an old grandmother who want to ride the train is crowded. I can not bear. Let him ride the train air conditioning. Hopefully the benefits .:

Her judgment is so dangerous. A kindness, an act of love, can be transformed into a crime simply because of our perception.

Keep our perceptions, all we need not value such as appearance

Always khusnudhon billah …

“O ye who believe, avoid most of suspicion. Indeed some of the prejudices it is a sin, and do not find fault with others and do not some of you backbiting others. Sukakah one among you eat the flesh of his brother dead? Then you feel disgusted him. And fear Allah. Verily Allah the Ever-Returning, Most Merciful “. (Q.S. Al Hujurat paragraph 12)


Husnudzon derived from the word ‘hasan’ which means good, and ‘based on speculation’ which means prejudice. Then husnudzon means prejudice. While the opposite of husnudzon is suudzon or prejudice.

In Q.S. Al Hujurat paragraph 12 above, there is a message we must avoid prejudice. Since most of prejudice is a sin. And we must avoid three things:

1. prejudices
2. find fault with others
3. wag

because if we do those three things, means the same thing we are our own brothers scavenged.

However, if we are already doing, then bertaqwalah and bertaubatlah. Indeed, Allah is Recipients Repentance and Merciful.

Repentance is meant here is repentance Nasuha. Taubat earnest. With reflection and regret, stop doing, then replace with good deeds.

Lessons from husnudhon among others:

1. Quiet
2. Positive thoughts
3. Optimistic
4. qonaah

it can be realized by:

1. Grateful
2. Self-examination
3. Ikhlas

Hadith about husnudzon

Indeed, Allah said: I fit my servant prejudice to me. If prejudice is good, then good for him. And if prejudice is bad, then the ugliness him. (HR. Muslim)

in the hadith, there is a message that we should not be prejudiced in God. Prejudiced kind to God, it will come goodness to us.

ولتكن منكم أمة يدعون إلى الخير ويأمرون بالمعروف وينهون عن المنكر وأولئك هم المفلحون
It means: “And let none of you are calling a class of people to virtue, sent to the ma’ruf and prevent it from being unjust; they are the lucky ones. (Surah Al ‘Imran: 104) ”

عن أبي هريرة رضي الله عنه قال: قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: من حسن إسلام المرء تركه ما لا يعنيه
[حديث حسن رواه الترمذي وغيره هكذا]
Translation of the hadith:
From Abu Hurairah radhiallahunhu he said: Messenger of Shallallahu’alaihi wasallam said: It is a good sign of a person’s Islam, he left something that is not useful to him. (Hasan Hadith, narrated by at-Tirmidhi no. 2318 and others)


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