So if people are overwritten danger, he told Us, then when We give him a favor from Us, he says:” I was given favors it just because of my intelligence. “Actually it is a test. But most of them know not.”
Q.S. az-Zumar [39]: 49

It is my experience when following the race at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia.
At that time, the 3rd day of the race. That every vehicle on the race participants are required to pass the inspection, both technical inspection and inspection of the side of safety. There are several aspects of the assessment that must be met.
At that point our team vehicles already meet nearly all aspects of the inspection except one thing, the static brake test. Three days have passed and the result is still the same, we have not passed inspection. All means have been made, of changing the partial brake components to have to find replacement parts in a nearby market.
Time keeps running. Each member of the team has looked nervous and tired. Considerable consequences we had to face, among others, we are not allowed to go down to compete in the circuit. This is a very painful thing. Struggle more than six months would feel empty if our team was not allowed to go down to the circuit. Another consequence is the team that did not pass inspection will not receive a travel allowance, one of the main sponsors of the fund. Yet to dispatch a team and we still owe a lot of vehicles. What happens if the funds are not granted, with what we would pay the debt which is so great? We surrender, surrender. All means have been done, now just go back into the pit inspection and re-perform static brake test. It occurred to cheat, ie by giving the holder on the rear brake. But thank God a mentor to advise, he said that the reply sought here is not just a victory in the race, but also win themselves, one of them with an honest and fair play. We walked as he leads our vehicles to get back into the pit. There we were greeted by a committee, Singaporean my taste. “Still not finished yet?” he asked. “Yeah”, we replied casually. “Are you ready now, guys? Are you sure you have already fix the brake?”, He asked again. “Yeah, God willing, God will help us”, we replied. “What? God is only 20%, guys. You must do it by yourself,” he said suddenly. At that time also, somehow my heart was on fire, my mind churning, snapped, balked at his words. Had Allah give patience not necessarily already kuhantam the mouth. I do not know what God feels when His creatures who said that. I reply as his creation alone is felt angry, but I do not know God has his own will. No need to talk more. We just walked in deeper. “God 100% grasping my life also, even more than that” I thought. This time that greeted us was a committee of Malaysian nationality. “Are you ready now?” he asked, “Yeah, God willing,” I replied. “Yep, God willing. I hope you will pass this test guys. I know you’ve tired, but rules is rules, we can not make any change of it.” “Yeah, just see then” So we push our vehicle towards a platform that has a slope of 20 degrees. Our driver was ready inside. We tested the vehicle brakes. We all pray, anxious. But that happens to make us weak. Our vehicle moves forward when braking. Requirements to qualify is that the vehicle should not move at all when braking on the slant. “Please, give us one more chance” I pleaded. “Okay, one more chance.” But again the vehicle was not able to stay in place. We were all silent, limp. “Your brake does not work I think.” “Please one more time!” almost desperate I talk. When it came to the other committee. A European. He talked with the committee who comes from Malaysia. After talking for a long time, it is up to us Europeans. “Okay, one more chance”, he said simply. “Yaa Rabb, this is our last chance. Only in Thee we surrender. Whether or not we leave the decision to you.” I thought. We bring the vehicle back into the inclined plane. “Okay, let’s start! Brake the top, front and rear!” said Europeans. Our vehicles are not budging. To test both brakes simultaneously, indeed our vehicles are always successful. Then, this is the moment that awaited, when each brake tested respectively. “Release the rear brake!” Our vehicles unmoved. One stage again. One stage clincher. “Release the front brake!” We closed her eyes. Typically the vehicle will slide downward. We ventured to open my eyes. And, praise be to Him the Most Great, our vehicle stationary in place, does not shift in the slightest. “Okey, you pass the test, congratulation!” said Europeans. “Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allah is the Greatest” we were stunned. “My Lord grasping 100% of my life and your life, even more than that” I thought. We moved toward the circuit. The scorching heat, but it was beautiful and so perfect.


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