Don’t Cry and Don’t Be Sad

Do not cry and do not be sad

Because you have gone through all the pain yesterday and he also does not provide benefits.

When you fail the exam Dlm your life and be troubled by them if later you will pass because your grief?

When your parents died and you weep and mourn endlessly ….
Will he live again?

When there is someone who leaves you, and should split krna fate of Azza Waza-style …

And you constantly crying and sad …

Will he be back?


Whether to weep and mourn dg she will love you and love you again?

His responsibility is, No!

(Two teardrop honored Allah is tear krna expect forgiveness from Allah and that both are tears krn fisabilillah)

Do not be sad !
Because when you are sad because “the calamity, the disaster which one it will be doubled.
When you are sad because of poverty or misery that you are experiencing.

Is not it just adds to the sadness you any trouble?
When you are sad because slur enemy “you must sorrow it will only benefit and pep them to attack you.

When you are worried about the occurrence of something that you do not like … then he will easily occur.

Do not be sad !
Because the grief that will make your home that is spacious, wife / husband who pretty / handsome, treasures that abound, the position of eminence and children “that intelligent there is no point at all in the eyes of you!

Do not be sad
Because grief will only make that fresh water was pait and beautiful red rose that will seem like a piece of pumpkin, which are beautiful and lush garden will look like a desert that barren … Do not be sad

Because you still have two eyes, two arms, two legs, two lips and two ears and still have tongues and hearts …

You still have peace, faith and health.

“So, you who favors Robb Where are you deny”
(Q.S.Ar – Rahman: 13)

Do not grieve and do not weep!


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