A teacher who enter the classroom each morning roll call of his students, who have diligently all the front row. Come first before the bell tolls, sitting neatly ready to receive the knowledge and lessons ..
Of the 40 students in the class, certainly not all of them orderly. There were naughty indeed, the arrival often late, sitting casually, noisy during the lesson, even kissing the hands of teachers were reluctant. Arrogant, felt it was great, the teacher only considered a formality complementary school. School was only considered load ..

There are some students who in addition to diligent timely, also very close to the teacher. They like to present to house the teacher, just to chat, additional learning, while bringing snacks and food for her ..

If at any time it is asked by the teacher to the school, who the model student at this school .. He must answer the students were diligent and orderly learning. The teacher was simply giving good value and kudos to them.

If there is an offer of scholarship, of the exemplary students who submitted his name.

If no offer of a free comparative studies, of course must be the names of the model student also proposes ..

At the student naughty, naughty, like late, do not respect him, that too can be angry teacher. Impose penalties, ranging from a rebuke, reprimand, until the light blows. The teacher who cared about his students did not want to let him increasingly falling into error. The penalty is to remind him, so willing to change and could excel like the other students. Been warned but still ngeyel, naughty and stubborn, so do not expect to get the defense of his teacher. Get ready, all the numbers in the report cards to red, even expelled from school .. Stay deh mewek while bye bye ..

My friends ..
It is a simple logic of a teacher to his students. Imagine if God roll call us, and we just ignored me alone ..
God of the roll?

Yess! It is God who created us, and someday surely kill us all ..

Haaaa ..
Yess! 5 times a day, the obligatory .. Compulsory it is: if it is done to get the reward, if left to get sin!

Adzan, since the dawn is still dark, until noon, afternoon came, the evening roll call of God came to greet .. servants, as He said: “Where is My servants, who used just a piece of meat on the mother’s abdomen, I give fortune her until she was grown, born, mature, did he forget? ”

Stand up people who consistently miss arrive on time at the mosque. God send billions of angels to take notes and record, also ordered the angels to keep them ..

Many stories from my friends, who experienced life changes after fixing absent on his Lord.
Adhan … Pray!
Adhan … Pray!
Adhan … Pray!
Adhan … Pray!
Adhan … Pray!
even when no call to prayer did he pray, when the sun began to rise Duha prayer done, when a dark night prayer Tahajud doing.

Such as exemplary students who came to the house of his teacher outside of school.

They like the principle: work is a distraction waiting for prayer time ..

How God does not love them? The whole attendance filled with orderly, living God reward him with ease and spaciousness of living, sobriety and abundance fortune ..

My friend once successful plantation enterprises, once the harvest tons of fruit were sent to different countries. One thing that makes me jealous, often I find that before the first call to prayer rang his car beside the mosque he singgahi ..

My other friend testified, when the first prayer is the only remnant of his time, including his messy business. When he was getting used to pray at the beginning of time, in congregation in the mosque, like God sent an angel to guard them. Schedules neat work, completed on time, the payment is also timely. Employees who have problems diminishing, the debt was finally gone.

Jobs far outside the city that should be scheduled skipping Monday-Thursday-Saturday, suddenly dicancle by 3 clients. They requested a meeting on Friday-Saturday only. The third fact his client did not know each other, but God who arrange time to be concise and effectively done ..

Wow! Prostration of gratitude to my friend to experience the events unexpected.

How servant naughty, naughty, ngeyel, absent late, hobbies denied, pretended deaf, indifferent ducks, quasi-confident that he will live forever ..

Hehe .. Sure God is Compassionate and Merciful, is not the promise of God .. Every day we read: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim .. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful ..

A manifestation of God’s affection with “we tweaked” so that we return to God, so that orderly servant again.

There is a direct dijewer ..
There are di’istijrad ‘first, given the wealth of luxury, pleasure, new deh dijewer banter really to cry ouch ouch iyuuung iyung .. ..

It’s easy ngenalin signs dijewer God we dah .. effort began bankrupt, deceived people, often unlucky, the accident really comes streak, sick why not heal, the heart is always restless, always restless mind, can be many but the loss of fortune too much, our family members can be a disaster, we are constantly hard, household like hell .. and still buanyaak again signs, if we want enough dialogue with the deepest heart, liver later it will honestly justify ..

That signal, when we only pursue the world .. fortune can, but keberkahannya gone ..

After dijewer process that happens, God’s going to ngabsen again .. Athan will continue to reverberate every day. Obviously, the invitation of God in his vocation: Haiyalalfalaaaahhh .. Haiyalalfaalaaah ..
“Come to victory! Let toward victory!”
We are invited by God to be the person who wins in our lives, win against lust, won against all the problems that choke our lives …

The trick? Yes absent on time .. When God has called, let’s go, welcomed the call .. Reach affection, No more delay.

The message was jelasss really really:
“Make PRAYER and patient as penolongmu ..” -QS Al Baqarah 153
My friends, this afternoon and evening there must have missed calls anymore, they come to want to follow or continue indifferent avoid?


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