After the dawn prayer I was surprised by the Mother:
“Eri, your grandmother in the hospital. Mother should come see it! ”
I saw the face of the mother appears sad … Of course I have to accompany the mother, because the grandmother did not live in Jakarta, but Sumatra.
While I almost impossible to leave kesibukanku in Jakata, especially my business partners from abroad was in Jakarta to explore cooperation purchase my factory production.
I saw Mother was busy packing his clothes in the room.
“Mother, what can not be delayed departure the next day wrote …” I said softly.
“Mother did not want to bother you, mothers can go alone anyway, just Mother to service inter yes …”, said the mother while entering his clothes into a suitcase.
“Kan new mother to the doctor last week and now still have to break.”
I said while gently holding his briefcase to try to hold her off. “Lusa wrote, yes. I temanin. ”
” No !”
Mother’s eyes widened.
If you have this I can only sigh, Crate usually I have to succumb to follow the word Mother. My wife also had the same nature to me to follow the will of the mother. ”
“All right, we go at the same …”
As is usually the mother also smiled brightly, he hugged me.
In the plane I headed for my father’s hometown. Reverie fly backwards my childhood.
In the age of 5 years, I’ve been orphaned. Because my father died due to illness … According to the story the mother, when my father died, my father was a student status in Yogyakarta. Mother is not from a wealthy family. Mother was also an orphan, different from the father of the family who was born in Sumatra High Pajabat.
So that even if a student’s father, but remittances from her parents still enough to endure family life.
One time father married mother and father deliberately conceal the extended family. Two years after the father died.
A few years later the mother came kekeluarga great dad as he took. I still remember when it was my age 7 years.
I do not really remember exactly how the atmosphere when mother introduced herself as a daughter and I as a grandson to grandfather and grandmother.
I know every year mother always took me home grandparents.
Yes, every year, every Eid, mengajaku mother went to the grandparents.
With tire-tired bus ride past the island of Java and Sumatra to arrive at the destination.
I never enthusiastic about coming to my grandparents house.
As a child, I knew that my grandparents never warm to the presence and Mother.
Different from the treatment with another cousin, like Adi, Rini, Bobi, Anto, and Dedi.
Every Eid, I saw my cousins ​​come from Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya with nice clothes.
Very different to me. When the wife all dressed up dikamar om busy, or lazy in the garden behind the house wide grandfather, Mother is busy in the kitchen cooking, just like a maid.
My father was the eldest among four siblings. All men father brother. No women.
Om wife everything was beautiful.
According to what I know from my grandmother, who always repeated in front of the mother, that all the wives om among respectable family. Huh, as if Mother degrading existence. But I saw the mother never offended.
To my knowledge, for raising me, the mother never get a penny from the family assistance ayah.Juga mother never asked for help to them.
Mother worked hard in a private company as an administrative personnel. And bundapun never thought of remarrying.
When I was a teenager, I was able reasoned if the mother took me widths at grandfather’s house.
“I’m lazy grandparents home. They do not care about me. Why do we have to their home? , ”
Thus the reason.
But the mother with all the stubbornness forced to participate. I also helpless.
When I graduated from high school, I did not lecture. I chose to work in the workshop.
“I have no money to send Ari to university, Dad.” So says a mother to snicker when asked why I did not lecture.
Grandparents seem cynical smile when knowing my situation.
Year following year when widths. Grandfather with pride neighbor told me my cousin who went abroad to study.
There are also entering a prestigious private university in Jakarta. I understand because my uncle all have a position as an officer, and there is also a businessman.
I and mother was silent to hear the story. But, never reduce the intention of the mother to come home grandparents.
And I’m getting tired of the attitude of my father’s family.
To be sure Biiznillah, God permits plus my hard work, I could bear mother and mother no longer need to work hard.
Over time, that was me as a worker workshop, I will already be independent by opening his own garage business.
Gradually, I got a partner to create a vehicle body components as a supplier of automotive manufacturers.
This effort kegeluti with hard work during the night and eventually thrive.
This all can not be released roles endlessly Mother prayed.
I will be able to settle. However, the duty of every Eid comes home to visit grandparents still done by mother and I had to come.
But recently, the family gathered at home grandparents are no longer intact. Others just menelphone congratulate Eid to grandparents.
Sepupukupun not all come. They behave the same as their parents, congratulate Eid via SMS or telephone.
But the grandparents still proud of them.
I never told me about my situation because grandparents never asked about me.
Although they know me and the mother stopped coming by bus but by planes.
Not feel the wheels had touched down. I saw the mother jolted from sleep lelapnya. He glanced at me and somehow he kissed my forehead.
“What mother?” I asked with tesenyum
“Mother will remember your father.”
Lady appears in tears. I was just silent. “Your father was a very good man. Very good.
He was a pious man. Your father’s plans when he finished college and get a job then he will bring you to the mother and extended family.
“Mother knows why, Your father is in a weak position when applying for Mother.
Besides, he realized as his choice to the mother makes him different from his father. ”
“Your father loves the mother because God loves him more than anything.” Connect Mother.
“You mean mother what”?
“He chose the mother because of religion. He did not see the mother because of her beauty, because the offspring of the rich, because what’s what. In front of the father, the mother is a good Muslim, that is poor. And it must be opposed exhausted by his family. ”
Tears welled mother and eventually tears falling down her cheeks. ”
“You are your father’s son. Filial, pious and hardworking. It is true that good intentions because God then coming too good. ”
I was silent. A lump in my mind. This is the right moment to ask
“Why do mothers always respectful to grandparents. Though they do not care about us. ”
Mother looked at me with a smile
“When your father comes home to Sumatra in sickness, she advised the mother, when she died in order to establish silahturahmi mother with her family and educate you to get close to his parents.”
Mother paused, wiping her tears.
“You know, after your father died, the mother took two years to make the decision to meet with the grandfather and grandmother. Although therefore no respect for the mother, and the mother also see how you are not treated the same as other grandchildren, but the mother remember the words of your father:
“Love something because as God. Not important respect and rewards of human, Yes you, my son. ”
“Yes, mother. “Popped out of my mouth.
Somehow along with the mother of my arrival this time was greeted with tears by his grandfather. He embraced me when I got to the room the grandmother treated.
Who came to see just me and mom.
While uncle and cousin no one came. I saw the grandmother in a state of sleep.
From grandparents knew that the grandmother had a stroke but his condition quickly helped.
Maybe after the grandmother will be paralyzed. Mengajaku grandfather out of the room. We talk ditaman Hospital.
“Two years ago Om mu Officials in Jakarta, exposed corruption. He was in the examination by the authorities that many.
Previous om mu in Surabaya company seized by the bank as insolvent.
Om you are in Bandung divorced his wife as a matter of infidelity and eventually fired as civil servants.
All their children grow up to be a wild child. Lectures are not finished, and stuck in promiscuity.
“I was surprised, because only this time I know. Maybe because of my relationship with my father’s family is not so close so not many knew about them. “Grandpa know that grandma had high blood pressure and heart disease.
So the grandfather tried to keep a secret meeting of Om you are involved in corruption cases.
But yesterday, there were told that uncle you’ve been in a six-year prison sentence for acts of corruption. Instantly itupula grandmother fainted … ”
I was silent for being a good listener.
“Ari, we know that during our treatment to you and your mother is not good.
We even let you raise your mother suffer, raising a child from our oldest son, our grandson ..
We regret that our attitude during this time.
Lately, grandmother always calling your name … every time he calls your name, instantly she cried.
Now the days of our parents, we are restless because it did not know who will take care of us.
Your grandmother probably after this will be paralyzed. The elderly and infirm grandfather … ”
My grandfather’s hand.
“I’ll take care of grandparents. Allow me to bring grandparents to Jakarta, stay with me. Give the chance to devote to grandparents, yes kek. ”
Instantaneous grandfather memeluku closely.
Feels cold shoulder. I know grandfather cry.
“Kek sell treasure there. To help om brother and sister.
In this situation of course they really need it. And the rest grandfather charity for orphanages that grandparents have a stock Hereafter, right kek, “I said.
Grandfather tightened his embrace.
“Glory to God, your nature is not much different from the father, who is so wise addressing us ..”
For many years I had in-learners by the mother to understand the meaning of love.
That love is the act of giving as God, not expecting a reply from the man.
I also have to understand the nature of love in this life, including replacing my father to devote to grandparents, my father’s parents.
Mother seem happy at all when they saw the grandmother pushing a wheelchair to the aircraft stairs with grandfather besides walking while holding my arm.
We were all to Jakarta.
O God, may we die someday, as beings who love you ..


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