CHANGING oneself is the main thing we have to do. We will not probably be able to change others, when ourselves is not necessarily better. Sometimes, other people will follow what we recommend when we did. Not just to give a warning to others, but Warn yourself first and change ourselves.

We often expect and demand so other people change, but if we had earnestly demanded ourselves to change?

We often think and strive to change other people, but if we have an all-out attempt to change yourself?

We often annoyed and disappointed to see that others are less changing, but have we ever so disappointed and sad to see themselves never changed?

We know not the power to change the hearts of others, because every heart is in his grasp. Because only God is the power of flipping through the liver. Air-obligation commanding the good and forbidding unjust is to provide role models and reminiscent of the way of wisdom.

Our most important task is to maintain the trust of ourselves, who else is liable to change ourselves than yourself?

We should seek to help people change, but do not neglect our main task is to improve oneself.

Believe those who persevere to improve themselves because God, at the same time he had to do something to fix the other.

Easy for ourselves so God chose the path of change for others, as a gift to His servants who can repair itself.

Apostle obligation not only to convey, and God knows what you reveal and what you hide. (QS. Al Maidah: 99)

They are the ones who have been given instructions by God, then follow their instructions. Say: “I did not ask for wages in conveying to you (Muhammad)”. Qur’an was nothing but a warning to all people. (QS. Al-An aam: 90)

I convey unto you the messages of my Lord and I’m just giving you reliable advice. “(QS. Al Araf: 68)
If there is a party than you believe in what I was sent to deliver and there is (also) a party who do not believe, then be patient until God establishes the legal among us; and He is the best judge. (QS. Al Araf: 87)

If you turn away, then indeed I have delivered to you what (mandate) which I have been sent (to deliver) it to you. And my God will replace (you) with another people (from) you; and you can not make harm to him in the slightest. Indeed, my Lord is the Most responsible for everything. (QS. Hud: 57)

And if We show thee sebahagian (punishment) which we ancamkan to them or to Our Mercy (it does not matter to you) because actually your duty is only to convey it, were we-the One who practice them. (QS. Ar Ra’du: 40 )

If they turn away, then indeed the obligation imposed upon you (Muhammad) is only to convey (God’s message) with light. (Qur’an, An-Nahl: 82)

If they turn away, then say: I have submitted to you all (teachings) of the same (between us) and I do not know if that is threatened thee it is near or still far away? “. (QS. Al Anbiya: 109)


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