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Here the link  http://www.harianterbit.com/hanterlife/read/2016/04/01/59348/72/38/Komunitas-Musisi-Akustik-Gelar-Reuni-Lintas-Generasi

So today im in a news in social media , and this so be a great full moment that i can join and participate to this event because so great to me for sharing about a news perspective about music, so we have a some community called Warung Terpal , warung terpal its a cafe and place who the all teenager meet to talking , watching football, eat some food like french fries, milk shake, and etc , until the all of this teenager agree that we build some community called TERPALCORNERS

and this is a second launching for Warung Terpal , so the design and concept its a lil bit different with first launching, and of course im always to support of this changing and new concept, Warung Terpal its a most famous cafe in NORTH JAKARTA INDONESIA, all people in there always know this place, if you curious about the place , here i record my vlog special for a new launching the WARUNG TERPAL PART 2 , have a nice watching dont forget subscribe and share the video , thanks

Here for the Instagram & Facebook :

IG : @terpalcorners

FB : Terpalcorners



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