20140125_094559This is my main bass “Ibanez Bass SR305“. i usually use this bass for live performance with konkord and i’m try to boost  the sound to bright and Bottom Low frequency, i’m very like with the design and the system equalizer preamp in this bass. so if i use it i just need adjust the sound characteristic from control knob and of course this bass active. this bass can boost or punch the sound really extreme, and i always love ibanez because the playbility its really great for my hand and of course for my shoulder because this really light , the body bass really slim so its make me comfort for do some action like flip or jump in stage, the frets its 24 so i can use the high tone. In fact, you’ll be surprised by how close the Ibanez SR305 plays and sounds like its higher end SR series siblings. That feel and general “vibe” is due in large part to the SR305’s sleek 5-piece maple/rosewood neck and its comfortable Agathis arched body. As for tone, this one’s loaded with two high-output Ibanez EXF humbucking pickups plus a 3-band active equalization system. All things considered, the Ibanez SR305 is a sweet deal for anyone.

20140125_095052This my Recording Bass “Ibanez Bass Ergodyne EDB605“. The finish is a beautiful pewter which stands out very well. overall is in great shape.This Ergodyne has 24 frets if you’re looking to play in higher regions,the on-board EQ makes it easy to boost your high and mid as well. It is made of a tough material called Luthite.Very comfortable to play while sitting or standing.Great for all styles-plucking, picking, slap/pop, tapping, speed, chords- ou name it! It has great versatility and it’s easy to adjust it to your particular style. Features 5-string configuration, 3/2-per-side-tuners, AciCat B25 Bridge, 2 volume/3-band EQ controls.  Like all Ibanez Soundgear necks, the Ergodyne’s three-piece maple neck is thin and super fast, particularly for a five-string model. If you’re a guitar player that’s switching over or doubling on bass, you’ll particularly appreciate this feature. Full time bassists can now add a five-string to their arsenal without breaking the bank. The specially designed “All Access” bolt-on neck joint allows for easy access to the upper frets.

20140125_101524This is my Acoustic Bass “Hofner Ignition Violin Bass “.This is basically an inexpensive version of the famous Paul McCartney violin bass, made by Hofner. Bought this short scale bass about a year ago. A friend had one I tried and I wanted one too. Also Thomann (in Germany) were doing a great deal which included a hard case and free postage, not bad. I assume it’s made in China. Top is spruce, maple body, rosewood fretboard, 22 frets, hollow body and two staple type humbuckers. The control panel has two volume controls. There are three switches, two on/off for either pickup and rhythm/solo Switch that changes the level. As far as getting a good sound is concerned you really can’t go wrong. Although the tonal range is far from expansive, there are loads of subtle changes available within the parameters. What’s particularly pleasing is discovering how many of these sounds were used by the likes of McCartney and, of course, if you happen to be in a Beatles covers band, then this is absolutely essential.

20140125_095356This is my Backup Bass (Main, Recording, Acoustik) “Aria Pro 2 IGB 50/5″, im like with this bass because the configuration of the wiring so great its like with precision bass, im use this stuff from 2004 for reherseal with my band and cover all type song like Alternative, Acoustic, Funk, Metal, Hiphop, R&B etc. this get ready and always standby when other my bass get some trouble or issue,  the plability so much comfortable for me to present the best performance on stage, this bass is passive so doesn’t need use battery and for a big event sometimes i use the pedal compressor and equalizer to boost the tone, the hardware just neck pickup vol, bridge pickup vol, and tone knob so this bass its simple and simple