Sandraupa Tomeala Arief  musician who plays bass in Konkord. He helped found the band in 2005 when he was in high school with brothers Uchu and obe. Together, they signed a record contract in 2004 with Rems records. Since the fulfillment of their contract the group has found great success on YouTube while working hard to promote their brand through social media. They have reinvented themselves as a self running machine, doing everything from recording and filming to creating their own online merchandise store shipping worldwide. upa and his band mates recently moved to all jakarta and other cities, and turned their new house into their business headquarters. An all-star team of entrepreneurs, upa and his band mates have taken aim and are persisting towards their dream of being a world wide force.
Upa is  also a use bass who loves sharing his passion for helping others in music. Upa balanced his work life with bass and food adventure. His goal in becoming certified was to bass and food culinary taste and of course make it fun for everyone. He has taken his style and comfortable practice bass or with his band konkord in youtube channel where everyone can join him (You can check out his videos by clicking the “social media and youtube” link above!)